Editorial Pillars 

Editorial Content is designed and divided into six distinct topical sections which builds a great impact for your advertisements

Life Stories 

Everyone has a story to share & inspire with this thought, we give an opportunity to the general public to share their stories to motivate others. This is the only magazine decided to focus on bringing the hidden great personalities.


Focusing on the Lifestyle and local beauty and fashion products and advice, and other articles about how to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

Health & Fitness 

Engaging the soul, mind, heart and body through articles on health, fitness and relaxation and local health professionals. More content on serious diseases and health issues.


Highlights the importance of healthy cooking and nutrition, including local and international recipes, food choices, new products, and the importance of herbs and spices.

Live Interviews 

We decided to bring common people who are experts in their profession and interview them in the magazine to grab an attention of the general public and share their inspiration on a larger scale.

Expert advise 

Our best picks around the world on breakthroughs, findings real solutions for problems in a realistic manner.

Advertisement features 

By reserving space in the magazine you will be sure to create a maximum visual impact on your desired customers… Segments Like – herbal medicines, supplements, natural products for general health, beauty and grooming, cooking, fashion, fitness and other healthcare etc.…!