LET’S MAKE INDIA A FIT NATION WITH FITNATION – Written by Azrael Uziel l Editor-in-chief l Livepedia Communications LLP

FITNATION –  A new way of transforming your body with out regular gym workout. You are shocked? Well FITNATION group is in town offering 4 weeks to 24 weeks’ transformation, including online and offline effective program. Check out for the membership details from 5000rs to 8000rs, no contract and amazing facilities that never close. Now there can be no excuses not to get fit this coming New Year 2017.

The Gym does exactly what it says work hard gain results. Working out at the gym 45 mint to 2 hours with a comprehensive range of the most up to date resistance and cardiovascular gym equipment and with fully qualified staff on hand to help members achieve the most from each and every visit, is it really helping you to achieve results in just 4 weeks or 24 weeks?

We also recognize that people sometimes need to adjust their fitness activity to fall in line with other events and circumstances taking place in their lives, so our commitment towards your fitness requirement is unique and designed in such an order which will definitely suits your body requirement. A desire to lose weight while a hectic work schedule may render regular gym attendance impossible. To accommodate fluctuating needs we have done away with contracts making it easier for people to come and go as they please or take advice online.

We have come across number of people in India, their work schedules and family commitments are high, which make it difficult for them to visit a gym during the day. To make it easier for these people to get and stay fit and healthy we make our facilities available around the clock.” 11 am to 7 pm entire week.

Fitnation accessible to almost everyone. Getting fit has never been so cheap, safe and accessible.

To know more contact Mr. Akki Sharma – +91 9718655133